Verona is great. Ask Bill Shakespeare. The city is critical to "Two Gentlemen of Verona" and "Romeo and Juliet" but they say he evidently never even set foot there. He loved it from afar and loved it well. More’s the shame because I think he would have liked it even better up close and personal. Arched bridges over the river bring you to the city. Love the consistent tawny color of stone here. And flowers in window boxes and plenty of outdoor restaurants in nice weather.
The first time we went there we were so wrapped up in finding Romeo and Juliet’s famous balcony that we incredibly missed the best part of the city – its main piazza. It’s wonderful. And, after finding it we couldn’t help ask how on earth did we miss it the first time? Its too huge to miss. Here’s how huge: there is the biggest and best Roman Amphitheater I’ve ever seen tucked over in one corner! An amphitheater in excellent un pillaged condition is a rare thing. This one gives you an idea of what Rome’s might have been like in better days. I’m sad to say I haven’t yet seen one of the many productions they do there in the summer, but its on our list!

The city is an excellent staging area for attacking other parts of the region. Venice, Padova and Lago di Garda are just short drives from Verona. Everyone I know who has spent any amount of time in Verona has enjoyed them selves completely.