Adopting a little Italian. (part one of a series)

LIVE FROM THE ROAD, ALBANY, NY–Cruising down the highway headed to Ontario not a care in the world. AAAACK. Where is the envelope with the money to pay for this baby? Oh, no. Cell phone, call Midge, get her to talk me down off the ledge. It’s in an envelope in a box of tech gear in the back. Whew. Better now. Maybe more coffee?
We can’t be in Italy right now so we’re doing an Italian themed looooong weekend trip to the far side of Ontario on Lake Huron. To get a baby ape. Lifelong dream come true. Friend Paul Turina found it on the internet while looking for parts for his ape. This kind of quest takes a village and we found a village of like minded friends supporting this kind of craziness. A friend of Paul’s offered his trailer. Peter Brown our favorite mechanic serviced that trailer to within an inch of its life. Our insurance buddy Bill Goddard insisted we take his Tahoe as tow vehicle. OK! Several buddies offered to be wing men. Big fun.

So, the Italian part? Paul’s Italian, and we’re looking at an Italian Lancia for him in Niagara Falls and our Italian Ape on the other side of Ontario. Wish us luck. We’ve got to get it through import customs and the works. But officer, it is just a tiny baby scooter toy pickup, let us in please. More news as it becomes available. We’re writing from the road, just outside Albany, New York.


See you in Italy,

Stew Vreeland

3 Responses to “Adopting a little Italian. (part one of a series)”

  1. zak

    I’m waiting to hear more. I’ll have to come up so I can drive it.

  2. kjjohnson

    I’m about to put floats on the Ape – wheelbarrow is half full of water, steady rain. Something to do with IKE which you’ve sent our way. Drive carefully, she’s dry in the garage with the other two awaiting your arrival. Ciao – Ken

  3. kjjohnson

    Get thee to a Tim Hortons as you make your way across Ontario – They’re like an Oasis for travellers, and it’s not just because of the Timbits (which are made from the holes in the other doughnuts. Don’t talk to anyone about the gutters overflowing with the rain, they’ll all walk out to the street at the curb. We call them eavestrough here! Safe drive – Ken

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