Where ARE we???

Great question. Whew. Long strange trip we’ve been on. That is for sure. No short answer but trying. The bad news is that we had some technical difficulties while we were on the trip to Italy and Amsterdam. Technology. Can’t live with it, can’t travel without it. Well, we can’t. But this time we sort of had to. Was impossible to put up blogs for awhile and eventually we even lost a couple days of emails in early June. If you wrote us then and didn’t hear back from us, we weren’t being rude we just did not get the emails and please try us again. Sorry for any of that disconnect. Must have been a total full moon. Because before we could get out of Amsterdam we even got to see the interworkings of the Dutch hospital system. Youngest daughter got an infection in a bug bite and shut things down there too.

The good news is we have pages and pages of notes (last resort, use pencil!) and mountains of photos from Panicale, Montepulciano, Rome, Amsterdam and beyond and will have lots of fun bringing you all kinds of stories in the very near future. Stay tuned to this Bat Channel for more travel news as it becomes available.

Let me just say that if you get a chance to see a Caravaggio in person, do it. I’m still reeling from the show in Amsterdam and making a list of all the many locations in Rome, Sicily and Malta that have paintings by Caravaggio and are now at the tip top of my Must See list.