Day 4 Departing Barcelona – Our guide for the Gaudi tour is … Carmen. I love Gaudi!

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Stew note: i don’t know. maybe that bar-the-lona is how they pronounce it shipboard. chi lo sai. Kiki, Karmen and Gaudi. Sounds like a great team. Or a funky funky law firm. Dear Kiki: Wish we were there. enjoy!

Fireworks. Blast off from South Hampton.

kikisouthhamptonThe adventure begins. In Kiki’s own words:

Day One: The Queen Mary 2 casts off at Southhampton. Me, Diarmuid and 2,998 cheerful, chatty Brits.


Stew’s note: Diarmuid would be Kiki’s Bostonian uncle. We may get photographic sighting of him in an upcoming post. Stay tuned. Yes, this is a crazed impressionistic snap. But, its clear it was a grand send off.

Want to go around the world? Follow Kiki.

kikiconcord2MAINE, SOUTH HAMPTON AND BEYOND– For all these many years, our partner in crime (owning a home in Italy) has been Kiki. She encouraged us to buy when all else and logic screamed “Really?” So glad she took us to that place.

And now, she’s going on a little trip. Around the world. And promised to send us iPhone snaps and bon mots from where ever the Queen Mary 2 takes her. We’re living vicariously and thought maybe some of you might want to come along for the ride. Cruisin’ with Ms Kiki. All aboard!

This is her starting the trip getting ready to board the Concord. Concord, the bus. Not the dearly departed super sonic jet. What a difference an “e” makes.

See you in . . . South Hampton, Barcelona, Egypt, Dubai and points East

Stew Vreeland