Carrying on in Italy

Trieste is about as far as you can go in Italy. East of Venice. A couple miles further out of town and you are in Slovenia.

Varenna Castello over Lake Como, Italy
TRIESTE/LAKE COMO, Italy–Our anniversary trip to Italy was grand. It was just too short. We had planned for three weeks but it became one. Best laid plans and all that. And seriously, who is going to pout about ONLY getting a week in Umbria / Italy in spring? Where would a person have to go to find a lot of sympathy for that?! Regardless, we were there in our minds. Ferrari Varenna, Italy on Lake ComoAnd our travel buddies from Steamboat Springs Stayed Calm and Carried On in marvelous fashion. And thru pictures and videos made us feel like we were actually right there with them, just as planned. Which well and properly answers the age-old question “what are good friends for?” Their still photos of Italian lakes, Ferraris, and lazy afternoons shown here are from Varesse on Como. The video from Piazza Grande (now called Piazza Unita d’Italia) in Trieste. Trieste is about as far as you can go in Italy. East of Venice. A couple miles further out of town and you are in Slovenia. I’ve heard it said that Piazza Grande is the biggest piazza in Italy. It’s original name more famous by the classic Lucio Dalla song “PIAZZA GRANDE, 1943”. Three sides are elegant buildings. The fourth side is all Mediterranean, looking out past cruise boats, across the harbor at Emperor Maximilian and Carlotta’s fantasy castle, Miramar.



Props for Diarmuid

propsfordairmuidDay 9 Port Said, Egypt – At midnight we enter the Suez Canal. Soon after we’ll be in pirate waters and will darken the ship for security during night travel. Another kind of security: spare propellers. Aren’t they beautiful?

Stew note:

Those are high art, deserve to be displayed as sculptures for sure.

Kiki, people are writing, saying they are loving trying to keep up with you as you glide further and further around the globe.

the world will note and long remember. As will you. What a fine fine time you are having. thank you for sharing a taste of it with us landlubbers.

Next time you go all formal with the Midge polka dot dress, send her snap? She will live ship-board vicariously thru you and that little black party dress.

Ciao, ciao,


Pirates of the Suez

You don’t miss a trick, Stew! The Athens port of Piraeus, which was to have been our port of call today, was closed because of high winds. Instead we went to Crete, which of course I liked – because of Nikos.

Tomorrow we have a piracy drill! We enter the Suez Canal after midnight Friday and at that point will be under escort and night-time lockdown. Suddenly I’m happy to have an inside cabin.

I can try video. Just don’t know how long it will take to send. Two photos seems to be pushing. I tried three but gave up ‘cuz the wireless minutes were ticking away.

These Brits are a complete riot. Just returned from a midnight snack with a very funny bunch. it’s 1:42 am, Stew!

Nighty-night. Have to be sharp for the drill!

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Stew note: must be the time zone thing. Kiki after midnight? omg. ah, but i see they played the snack card.

Off Sicily

Caro, Stew,

We’re off Sicily now en route to Piraeus, the port for Athens. I’ll probably send something from there tomorrow or the following day. I love what you said about being nice to the lifeboat guys. I’ll definitely ask for a window view. I don’t have one in my stateroom. Diarmuid has a balcony and it makes all the difference.

I’ll have to send Midge good b’day wishes. I wore her polka dot dress last night for our third formal dinner (we’ve only been at sea six days) and Diarmuid loved it. I’m actually getting to like the formal thing. It was beautiful to walk into the Britannia dining room last night and see all the sparkle and furs and military medals.

You’re right about living to the hilt, Stew. You and Midge do it so well. Paul and Betty do, too. So do my uncle and his kids. We had the best time in London with my cousin Ann and her young family. They live beautifully. I wanted to stay there forever.

Funny you should mention the Costa Concordia. At the Sunday service Commodore Rynd recalled it was the anniversary of the sinking. Many of the prayers were for people at sea. And of course, the Queen.

Kiki, at sea


Day 4 Departing Barcelona – Our guide for the Gaudi tour is … Carmen. I love Gaudi!

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Stew note: i don’t know. maybe that bar-the-lona is how they pronounce it shipboard. chi lo sai. Kiki, Karmen and Gaudi. Sounds like a great team. Or a funky funky law firm. Dear Kiki: Wish we were there. enjoy!