Props for Diarmuid

propsfordairmuidDay 9 Port Said, Egypt – At midnight we enter the Suez Canal. Soon after we’ll be in pirate waters and will darken the ship for security during night travel. Another kind of security: spare propellers. Aren’t they beautiful?

Stew note:

Those are high art, deserve to be displayed as sculptures for sure.

Kiki, people are writing, saying they are loving trying to keep up with you as you glide further and further around the globe.

the world will note and long remember. As will you. What a fine fine time you are having. thank you for sharing a taste of it with us landlubbers.

Next time you go all formal with the Midge polka dot dress, send her snap? She will live ship-board vicariously thru you and that little black party dress.

Ciao, ciao,