Pirates of the Suez

You don’t miss a trick, Stew! The Athens port of Piraeus, which was to have been our port of call today, was closed because of high winds. Instead we went to Crete, which of course I liked – because of Nikos.

Tomorrow we have a piracy drill! We enter the Suez Canal after midnight Friday and at that point will be under escort and night-time lockdown. Suddenly I’m happy to have an inside cabin.

I can try video. Just don’t know how long it will take to send. Two photos seems to be pushing. I tried three but gave up ‘cuz the wireless minutes were ticking away.

These Brits are a complete riot. Just returned from a midnight snack with a very funny bunch. it’s 1:42 am, Stew!

Nighty-night. Have to be sharp for the drill!

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Stew note: must be the time zone thing. Kiki after midnight? omg. ah, but i see they played the snack card.