Off Sicily

Caro, Stew,

We’re off Sicily now en route to Piraeus, the port for Athens. I’ll probably send something from there tomorrow or the following day. I love what you said about being nice to the lifeboat guys. I’ll definitely ask for a window view. I don’t have one in my stateroom. Diarmuid has a balcony and it makes all the difference.

I’ll have to send Midge good b’day wishes. I wore her polka dot dress last night for our third formal dinner (we’ve only been at sea six days) and Diarmuid loved it. I’m actually getting to like the formal thing. It was beautiful to walk into the Britannia dining room last night and see all the sparkle and furs and military medals.

You’re right about living to the hilt, Stew. You and Midge do it so well. Paul and Betty do, too. So do my uncle and his kids. We had the best time in London with my cousin Ann and her young family. They live beautifully. I wanted to stay there forever.

Funny you should mention the Costa Concordia. At the Sunday service Commodore Rynd recalled it was the anniversary of the sinking. Many of the prayers were for people at sea. And of course, the Queen.

Kiki, at sea