Today’s Egyptian Weather Forecast: 75, sunny and dry. With a chance of Champagne.

kikikarnakDay 11 Safaga, Egypt – Saw King Tut, a funny little mummy. Plus Luxor, Karnak, and Valley of the Kings. When we returned our crew met us dockside with champagne.

You are so funny, Stew. And once again, you don’t miss a trick. That shot of the sound gun was taken while we were transiting the Suez Canal. We emerged from the canal at the southern end, berthed at Sokhna, and drove two hours to Cairo to see the pyramids. And belly dancing.

If you haven’t posted it yet, that Cairo dateline should actually be Giza.

Thanks for the weather report. It’s 75 here. Same for the water. I’m going to try to send you an audio of the commodore’s veddy Brit noontime update from the bridge. As an old navy hand, you might enjoy it. He talks about the weather, position, depth, etc.

egyptianchampagneYes! London got dumped on, didn’t it? Diarmuid got pix from my cousin Ann.


Stew note: Just for context: Here in Siberia, I mean, Maine, it is zero degrees, plus or minus, with a chance of wind chill at minus twenty. Go Egypt. Way to score the weather.