Dear Shireen . . . wish you were here.

Day 12 Transiting the Red Sea – Every noon Commodore Rynd broadcasts from the bridge. It’s all very stiff upper lip. Here’s today’s report. It’s four minutes and starts with a couple of blasts from the ship. It ends with – what else? – a security update. Those pirates again.

And yes, Shireen, that is your trusty bag relaxing on Queen Mary’s sun deck.
In other ship-board news, Diarmuid is trying to book for the Dubai/Hong Kong leg but so far it’s fully booked with a waiting list. His best hope is if something untoward happens to someone. We can always hope.


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2 thoughts on “Dear Shireen . . . wish you were here.”

  1. Oh lovely Kiki… I wish I were there, too! I’m sure that group I call my family, all living in Egypt, think the same! It has been too many moons since my last visit to the Land of my aunts, uncles and cousins AND Pharaohs… and, oh yeah, the land of my birth. So glad my bag is getting some much needed sun! As Stew has said.. the temps here make Vitamin D recapture a thing to look forward to sometime far later in this calendar year. Hugs and more hugs to you. Be sure to tell IZOD to wear plenty of sunscreen, and that I miss him and expect tales of fabulous adventures upon his return! xo

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