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PANICALE, Umbria – MIDGE’S LIST VS MY LIST. What I’ve learned from comparing the two of them carefully: They are not the same.

And I’m rewriting mine.

Gardening in Italy fall 2006

Stew’s Italian vacation list:

• Go to hardware store for more big black plastic bags to clean garden.

• Clean the garden.

• Find computer store for power cable. This would be easy except the cord is for a Mac.

• Spread out all our gadgets and wires and adaptors and servers and routers and see what we’ve really got that makes sense together here.

• Find computer tech to hook up the above mess and get us connected to the darn broadband.

• Get a multiple plug from the electrical shop, if I can ever find it open.

• Keep trying.

• Find my friend that knows the mason and see if we can get him to come to the house.

• Meet the mason to fix the kitchen wall where it is shedding paint.

• Pay the garbage tax at town hall.

• Go to bank, check out our checking account status.

Midge’s Italian vacation list:

• Take a walk. Look at the olives

• Sit in the garden. Read.

• Find Paulette. Talk.

• Take short afternoon nap.

Her vacation time management list is a thing of beauty. Mine was more of a battle plan. Lesson learned? We’ll see. I hope so.