There yet?

Hi Stew and All,

DATELINE. SOMEWHERE IN THE INDIAN OCEAN BETWEEN SRI LANKA AND THAILAND– Stew, and all, Yes, flattery will get you everywhere. Please send and let me see if I can do it. Today and tomorrow are sea days en route to Thailand so I have plenty of time to relax on the promenade deck and work. Wink.

Virginia, I had planned to spend a lot of time in the spa, but after a $175 mani/pedi decided I’d rather do STV stuff instead!

Yesterday we went to the elephant orphanage in Sri Lanka. Pix to folo.


Stew note: we are building a new STVreeland company website and in our minds, we just can’t do it justice without Kiki’s words of wisdom. So, we raved on her photos and then segued seamlessly selfishly to “oh, oh, btw, could you help us? pleeease?”