Having fun as fast as we can

We did it. We did some autumn in Umbria as you can see from the foliage all around our rental car in the Piazza Regina Margherita in Panicale with the countessa’s palazzo in our back window. Every day was sparkling blue skies and silent nights. So many stories so little time. Isn’t that the way it goes? Well, it should be. I mean if we are really having a good time and out there tearing it up when do we stop and do html and such? Sigh. One of life’s cruel mysteries. Working on it. Working on it.

I know, I’ve been a bad blogger buddy and sort of MIA. But hey, the blogging application we were using has been messing up big time and we’ve had to do a run around on that. Plus, I was in Italy doing story research. Yes, that is it. Going to make up for it now. Coming right up: tales of London, Umbria, Tuscany, wining, dining, olive picking, olive pressing, eating anything at all with olive oil, porcini, proscuitto, or white truffles on it and just general high times over on that side of the pond. I have a notebook busting with adventures. Will tell all. Watch this space.


You are right. We do have a different format going here. We were having “issues” with the former blog application, so we’ve changed and have high hopes for this new version.

You should even finally be able to leave comments. We are testing this function now, working out the kinks, trying to make it as user friendly as possible, let us know your response to how it works?

See you in Italy,


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