SNOW IN PANICALE! Lots of it. Sunny Italy?

PANICALE, Umbria – Was it really sit-in-the-park-reading-a-book weather yesterday in both
New York and Chicago?
snowmanpanicale6002AND IT SNOWED IN PANICALE!? And lots of it? Che sorpresa! I saw it on my iPhone weather thing but sort of put it out of my head. We’ve been there for snow storms but its so rare I went into minor denial. Until just now when our friend Katia sent us an email.

Check out Katia’s fine rentals site to see lots of brand new, fun-in-the-snow shots.
They are all from earlier today!

If you have ever been to Panicale, but haven’t yet seen it in the snow, you are in for a surprise. It looks like close to a foot of snow and it looks like everyone is having a ball. Snow ball? Allora. Enjoy!

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See you in (snowy!) Italy.

Stew Vreeland