Living the dream in Italy

early autumn in Umbria, Italy, by the pool. does it get any better?

This email just made our day, our week, our year. THIS is why we do this real estate match-making. The words and photo here from happy clients/great friends says it all.

See you in Italy,

Stew Vreeland


Peter and I have been here in Italy for a glorious three weeks. The weather, food, and friendship has been more than we could have ever dreamed of. We look forward to our next trip at the end of October and sharing some memories with you both such as finally having you both to our home for dinner! Hope you and family are well.

Peter says “ciao” from the pool!!!

much love, Sarah

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Come along with us on Twitter? We’ve already started posting Italy-related tweets daily. Check out today’s post on the fab Grape Harvest Festival gala weekend in Panicale that starts on the 17th of Sept.

follow2italy2Ciao, ciao amici!

Our long-overdue, much-postponed, trip to Italy is FINALLY coming right up. We’re looking forward to seeing friends and new real estate listings October 16th – Nov 7th. Come along with us? Following our 1960 Vespa will be counter-productive. What with the annoyance of the Atlantic Ocean and all. But you can easily follow us on Twitter. We’ve already started posting Italy-related tweets, daily. Check out our post on the fab Grape Harvest Festival gala weekend in Panicale that starts on the 17th of Sept. Here’s how: Go to Our Twitter Home Page and hit the “follow” button in the top left. You’ll be right there with us as we visit places like Panicale, Siena, Torino and who knows what other shiny objects Italy will dangle in front of us.


Call it what you will, we have broadband at our place in Panicale and our intent is to use it to post something “short and tweet” every day. We’ll include iPhone pictures, a couple of words and interesting links.

There’s a blue Twitter “T” logo on the top of every page on our site now – so you can get to our Twitter page that way, too. Isn’t technology grand?

See you in Italy! In October. And right now on Twitter.

A presto,

Stew Vreeland

At home in Italy. And on TV.

PACIANO, Umbria, Italy –Carolyn and Bob had a home in Seattle and worked in Germany. But one day they decided Hey, we’re retiring and as long as we’re at that, lets retire to Italy. That’s where we met them. Not long after that we found out HGTV was going to be in Italy looking for stories about people buying in Italy for their House Hunters International show. We asked Paciano’s newest homeowners if they thought it was time for their 15 minutes of fame and they said “Yes.”

It is quite a process but the crew filmed them last year when they were house hunting and buying. then they filmed them in their home in the US in February and then a couple weeks ago they filmed them all moved in and at home in their new home.

These are just a few of the shots during the last session of filming

Can’t wait to see them on TV. Hopefully, we’ll get a schedule and get to see their lives pass before our eyes. They were good sports to do it and I’m sure it will be fun for them to have these memorable moments documented.

The shot under the lush arbor of wisteria is in Italy. The shot with the long coats is in Seattle area. Just saying. I think I see perfect motivation for a move!

Thanks for sharing your photos Carolyn and Bob!

See you in Italy,

Stew Vreeland


Lights, Camera, our team in . . . Action! HGTV and “House Hunters International” comes to Umbria

House Hunters International comes to the area to film episode for HGTV.

PACIANO, Umbria, Italy–You look like a pretty international bunch. I’m not just saying that. I can tell. And I bet you’ve heard of “House Hunters International.” I know it is one of the many home and lifestyle shows we watch on HGTV when we are being Arm Chair Travelers.
HGTV comes to Umbria
Bob and Carolyn (seen here outside Aldo’s on a sunny day) just bought a house in Paciano and the House Hunters crew has been following them and documenting their big adventure every step of the way. They’ve been living in Germany for a few years, but on the show, the camera will initially find them at their home on the West Coast of the US “thinking about finding a place in Italy” and then they follow them to Umbria to go house hunting. The show hooks you by asking you to guess “which house did Bob and Carolyn pick?” Which they reveal “right after these words from our sponsors.”

We’ve been talking to the producers about doing this kind of thing for some time but their schedule and the brokers’ schedules never came together before. This time, the planets aligned properly and soon it will be Show Time. Well, not quite. These things take time. My guess is that it will be on in the spring. When we find out exactly when this episode of House Hunters International will air we will post a note here.

As you can see from the pictures, last week in Umbria was a busy time. The crew arrived and put everyone through their paces. Katia with her good English skills was hired on as a production assistant. Her job was to keep everything moving smoothly there on her home turf. She got a chance to “peek behind the curtain” for a few days and see what really goes on backstage. Ahhh, the glamorous Hollywood lifestyle we’ve all heard about. She said it was on your feet ten hours a day, every day, right through the weekend.

Giancarlo played played himself, during the shooting ie: broker and house guide. After hours, he played the host for the crew as they stayed at his nearby b&b, Podere Pescia, just outside Castiglione del Lago. They were there with him for nearly a week doing just this portion of the filming.

The director wrote me and said it all went great. In a few weeks’ time the crew comes back again and film the proud new owners At Home in Umbria. We’ll see if we can get some shots of that session when it happens.

More news as becomes available. Until then we will adjust our berets at a jaunty angle, toss a scarf dramatically over one shoulder and say . . .

See you in Italy,

Stew Vreeland

It was a dark and stormy night.(part three of a series)

And there it is! And now we’ve got an italian ape following us wherever we go. Looming large in our rear view mirror like some crazed tailgater out of a Steven King novel bent on doing a monkey jump right over us.

BAYFIELD, Ontario, Canada–Fine weather turned to foul weather and that turned to famously abusive Ike. Just as we were pulling into our Bayfield Ontario on the shores of Lake Huron so was the tail of the hurricane and everything went black. And wet. And wild. They had seven miles of road closed on one side of town. Lakes in people’s yards and standing in the fields of ready to harvest crops. Crazy. We stayed inside and talked cars and apes with Ken Johnson and his wife Delores and went our to eat in the hurricane. I went out barefoot to avoid being soaked and put on my shoes just before getting out of the car and going into the restaurant.

We got up this morning and loaded the Ape on the back of the Tahoe.

And there it is! And now we’ve got an ape following us wherever we go. Looming large in our rear view mirror like some crazed tailgater out of a Steven King novel bent on leaping right over us. So, there’s that. And now we have to do fret about busting thru customs with a 25 year old three wheeled Italian motorcycle. We idled in line for awhile and then explained it slow and carefully to the border crossing lady and her uniformed associates as more uniformed people ran by pointing at it going “what the heck is that?” Finally “pull over there” became the answer we expected. But when we got it inside a real matter-of-fact crew cut guy said “who’s importing the scooter?” I raised my hand. And asked if I could go to the bathroom. We’d been driving forever. The guy sighed and waved me to the elevators. Just like I’d planned, by the time I got back down, a responsible adult, Paul as it turns out, had pretty well settled everything and they were stamping my papers with what they no kidding called “the full BS stamp of approval” and we were solid gone before they changed their minds. No tax, no charge just “have a nice day.”
APE from ontario
ape of ontario

Finally. We’re back in the US, back in the US and we seem to have a newly naturalized ItaloCanadian with us. Can’t wait to get this little green bit of Italy settled into life on the farm in Gray, Maine. We’d be well on our way but now we’re sorting out Paul’s Lancia in the morning. And starting our caravan of Italian cars across America to Maine.

Non vedo l’ora amici, non vedo l’ora. And I can’t wait. Getting closer to home every minute. Stay tuned.

See you in Ape, (I’ll be the one waving like mad and grinning my face off)

Stew Vreeland